Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)​

Re-administration of your own platelets to activate your body’s natural healing

Platelet Rich Plasma From a Simple Blood Draw

Platelet rich plasma therapy (prp) is the re-administration of your own platelets to activate the body’s natural healing cascade for repair and regeneration. it can be used in your facet joints or intervertebral discs .

We use PRP alone or in combination with other regenerative medicine procedures injected under X-Ray guidance into your facet joints or intervertebral discs.

PRP has been successfully used for the management of several musculoskeletal conditions such as ligamentous tear, joint inflammatory disorders, torn tendons and muscular ailments. Recent studies have demonstrated that it can be used with excellent results for certain back pain problems. 

Platelet rich plasma injections are already replacing traditional orthopedic surgery in many instances for conditions such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle tears
  • Ligamentous injuries
  • Various joint afflictions
  • Torn meniscus
  • Mild joint arthritis
PRP has been shown to be useful in many back conditions including back arthritis and degenerative disc disease. 

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is prepared by centrifuging a small amount of a patient’s blood to obtain a platelet-rich sample. The platelets are activated and then injected under ultrasound or X-ray guidance. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in one session.

More than one course of PRP may be required and can be safely performed depending upon the response to the therapy and clinical indications.


Once introduced, the platelets then release signal proteins and growth factors which activate the cells. Stem cells by themselves are limited in their ability to repair the injured area. For their maximal effect, repair cells have to be properly directed, and platelets perform this function. In effect, repair cells are construction workers and the platelets are their supervisors. Once they are activated, these repair cells perform a variety of valuable functions. Apart from repairing damage to the injured areas, they help damaged cells repair themselves and participate in the repairing process in a process called Immunomodulation.


We use ultrasound guidance or x-ray fluoroscopy to increase the precision and accuracy of Platelet Rich Plasma administration and decrease the likelihood of complications.

This is especially important when injecting PRP into the back. 


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