Diagnosis & Cost

Enjoy Life Again Without Back Pain Or Surgery.

Diagnosis before treatment

Diagnosis before treatment sounds so simple but with the back, diagnosis of the exact location and cause of your pain can be difficult and time consuming. Back pain is not straight forward and can be due to a variety of conditions. Before we can treat your back pain, we need to identify the exact anatomical cause of your back pain, so that we are certain that the treatment or procedure we recommend is appropriate for your back problem.

"Abnormalities on imaging, including MRI, cannot identify the cause of your back pain."

The cause of your back pain may not be easy to determine. Abnormalities on imaging, including MRI, can not identify the cause of the pain. For example, you may have an MRI which shows a bulging disc disease or lumbar arthritis, but that may not be the actual cause of your back pain. In other words, we need to find what is really, actually causing your pain and not just what looks abnormal on an x-ray. Similarly, just because you have a stomach ache and you have an appendix doesn’t mean that your stomach pain is due to appendicitis.

Full Evaluation Visit and Thorough Examination

In order to find out what is causing your back pain, we need to do a full and thorough evaluation, including a history of your pain and physical examination and review your imaging such as X-rays and MRI. 

MRI scan

We can use an existing back MRI provided that it is less than one year old and was done after the onset of your symptoms. If you do not have a recent back MRI, you will need to get a new one, which can be done at any MRI facility. However, we recommend MetroWest MRI since it is close, usually fast, and offers special out of pocket MRI rate for our patients.

Diagnostic Injections

We may also need to do a diagnostic local anesthetic injection into your facet joint or joints to help diagnose the cause of your pain. Facet joint pain is a common cause of back pain that is difficulty to diagnose by physical exam, but easy to diagnose by local anesthetic injection. If the local anesthetic injected into your facet joint significantly reduces your back pain, then we have found the cause of your pain and we can treat it these with a orthobiologic procedure. Diagnostic Facet joint injections are a simple and low risk procedure.


Visit and Procedure Cost

Your initial visit and some of our procedures are covered by insurance. We accept most major insurances (but not Medicaid or any Medicaid Programs.)  If we do not accept your insurance, you will need to pay out of pocket at the time on your visit. 

The following is a list of visits and procedures that are usually covered by insurance:

Some of our procedures are not covered by insurance:

MRI Cost

If you need a new MRI, we can write you a prescription for it if you are one of our patients. Your insurance may cover the cost of your MRI. 

In many cases, insurance companies require pre approval for an MRI which can be a lengthy and difficult process. If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost, we have a special out of pocket MRI rate for our patients at Metrowest MRI.

back MRI

Patient Financing

Regenerative Medicine procedures are currently all out of pocket. We have partnered with BHG to offer our patients The BHG More Healthcare Mastercard®. BHG More is a healthcare credit card that is one of the leading providers of patient financing. For approved applicants, interest free financing is available for 6 months. Please click the link below to apply for the card today.

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